Fulfilling a childhoods’ real estate dream

Real estate has always sparked my interest. The ability to build a house brick by brick seems very rewarding to me.

Ever since I was Adriana’s age, I dreamed of becoming a construction worker. What started with helping out my grandfather with his little building projects, ended up becoming a second dream I wanted to fulfill in life.

This real estate project, in particular, crossed our family’s path in a moving way. Already 3 years ago, a family friend asked for our help. His brother Marc passed away and left behind his wife, his 3 daughters, and a real estate dream in Méry (Esneux). For five years, Marc fought hard to bring his dream to life. Immediately after we heard the upsetting news, we felt like his hard work and effort shouldn’t go to waste.

Not only because we’re closely connected to this family, but even more so because of the profound meaning this place had to us too. My father Thierry grew up nearby, beside the same banks of the Ourthe river. It’s a beautiful green spot that allows families to enjoy each others’ company in an active environment, surrounded by nature.

As a family, we therefore chose to invest in Marcs’ dream. I’m already looking forward to the day we can build a small football field in the courtyard, where children can play and lasting friendships will grow. But this place will always be a reminder of the plans Marc wanted to fulfill for his family. That’s why we named the buildings after his three daughters: Nathalie, Steffy, and Tamara. This is for you.

We hope that many nature-minded families will build their future at this meaningful place, and get a sense of belonging here.


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