Giveaway: win my El Clásico shirt! (Closed)

Celebrating 8 million followers with a giveaway!

I woke up with 8 million followers on Instagram last weekend. Over the years, they have watched me become the person I am today. With this giveaway, I want to thank you for being part of the story I get to share with all 8 million of you.

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As an ordinary guy from Bilzen living an extraordinary adventure, it means a lot that you’re watching my journey. Through all the highs and the lows, I try to keep things real with you. That or nothing at all. By staying true to who I am, I hope to inspire you to achieve your ambitious goals.

To thank you for following along, I will give away my El Clásico shirt. I will wear it when facing Barcelona, and autograph it for the winner. I’m sure it will give you the strength to never give up and believe in your own capabilities.

To participate, visit this link and fill in the form by the beginning of the El Clásico match on 24/10, 16:15 CET. The winner will be announced on 25/10 through my Instagram. Good luck!