Supporting women’s football with DUX Gaming

Supporting women's football with DUX Gaming

DUX Gaming, a Spanish esports team I’m invested in, is shifting gears. In 2021, DUX Gaming will be working together with EDF Logroño, a first division Women’s club. In doing so, they become the first esports club in the world committed to professional women’s football.

Leading esports team DUX Gaming intertwines esports with real sports. First, we invested in Inter de Madrid. The next logical step was to sign the Spanish women’s club EDF Logroño. As of S21/22, the club will compete as DUX Logroño.

With this newly established partnership, we want to support and see women’s football grow. It allows DUX Gaming to be a football club of the 21st century that proves football is for everyone.

Whether it’s virtual or real, played by women or men. It’s a sport that teaches us determination, hard work and perseverance, values I personally live by. I’m confident this new move will help all kids consider football as a way to enjoy sports, no matter their heritage, gender or interests.

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