I’m Thibaut. I’m an ordinary guy living an extraordinary adventure. I want to be an inspiration for all those who are persevering to achieve their greatest goals.

My story

As a boy, playing sports was my no. 1 priority, especially football. Supported by my family, I joined one of the best youth clubs. I was told back then that I didn’t have the talent to be a football player. But they saw a different role for me. And by working hard I would become excellent. They didn’t need to say more.

That’s where my journey began, and I’m staying dedicated to the pursuit of my goals. By daring to dream and by working hard to realise those dreams. I want to be an inspiration for all those who are persevering to achieve their greatest goals.

Being a professional, to me, means constantly bettering yourself and staying determined in the most detailed ways. You must listen to people who have achieved and therefore understand the dedication and sacrifice it takes to succeed. They can inspire you to be better and stronger. I respect people who work hard for their goals, and those who can recognise that tenacity in others.

I don’t hold back, but always keep track of reality. By being honest I can always face myself in the mirror and look others straight in the eye. You’ll get the real story from me, I always cut to the chase. That or nothing at all. No bullshit.


Real Madrid matches
Stats 230 matches
Real Madrid S22-23
Stats 17 Clean Sheets
Matches played
Stats 685 matches
Red Devils caps
Stats 102 caps
Last Team Trophy
Stats Copa del Rey 2023

Facts &

  • Height
    2 m
  • Wingspan
    209 cm
  • Shoe size
  • Glove size
  • Favorite
  • Spoken
  • Favorite
    Ice tea


  • trophy

    Champions League

    2021-22 Real Madrid
  • trophy

    FIFA Club World Cup

    2018 Real Madrid 2023 Real Madrid
  • trophy

    UEFA Europa League

    2011-12 Atlético Madrid
  • trophy

    UEFA Super Cup

    2012 Atlético Madrid 2022 Real Madrid
  • trophy

    La Liga

    2013-14 Atlético Madrid 2019-20 Real Madrid 2021-22 Real Madrid
  • trophy

    Premier League

    2014-15 Chelsea FC 2016-17 Chelsea FC
  • trophy

    Belgian Pro League

    2010-11 KRC Genk
  • trophy

    Copa del Rey

    2012-13 Atlético Madrid 2022-2023 Real Madrid
  • trophy

    Supercopa de España

    2019-20 Real Madrid 2021-22 Real Madrid
  • trophy

    FA Cup

    2017-18 Chelsea FC
  • trophy

    Football League Cup

    2014-15 Chelsea FC
  • trophy

    Belgian Cup

    2008-09 KRC Genk
  • Yachine Trophy Best Goalkeeper 2022
  • La Liga Trofeo Zamora 2013 2014 2020
  • FIFA World Cup Golden Glove 2018
  • The Best FIFA Goalkeeper 2018
  • Premier League Golden Glove 2017
  • Belgian Sportsman of the year 2014
  • Best Belgian Player abroad 2013 2014
  • La Liga Goalkeeper of the year 2013
  • Belgian Goalkeeper of the Year 2011