Grateful to win all the cups with my dream club

A new final, a new trophy. And this one is quite special because I had not yet been able to lift the Copa del Rey in the air with Real Madrid.

Fortunately, that ambition can now be ticked off too after the win against Osasuna.

Sevilla was really a beautiful setting for this final: one match, 90 minutes, supreme atmosphere, the stadium nicely divided in red and white. How good it felt to see that white sea of supporters and sense the support on the field. Thanks to you, difficult moments in a match become easier to bear and every player goes to the limit until the final whistle. After all, you don't win a final alone, you do it as a team together with the fans.

With all my clubs Genk, Atletico, Chelsea and Real I had already won the championship. And with those previous clubs also the national cup. Well, that gap has now been filled. It feels very special to see this Copa on my list of honors and I am so grateful that I have now won all the cups with my dream club.

Did you even know that Real Madrid has won every possible trophy (that means 6 of them) in the last 475 days?! This never happened before, what an achievement! I am grateful to be part of the group who made history for the most successful club in the world.

For me personally, the tally rises to 19 cups or championships. Unbelievable. What a ride! We have to play so many games in a season that sometimes I forget to enjoy a prize but this cup I will surely cherish.

And dear fans: Believe me, I am not done with this club yet. The hunger for another trophy is not yet satisfied. On to number 20!!! Hala Madrid!