Measuring and improving agility with Ledsreact

Being a professional athlete, I seize every opportunity to improve my game. Through my investment in Ledsreact, a Belgian sports tech scaleup, I want to help others do the same.

Ledsreact is a Belgian scaleup company. Their products bring athletes to the top of their game and enable coaches to drive players’ performance. How? Their devices use LEDs to improve the reaction speed, cognitive skills and fitness of players. They can be placed on every American football field, tennis court, basketball court or football pitch to improve the team’s performance or for individual training sessions. The Ledsreact Pro can track both linear and multi-directional movements, so speed and agility tests become more than just a simple speed test. In addition to live results on the phone app, a web platform offers trainers further insights into the recorded data. This enables them to keep track of their players’ performance.

As a keeper, I am not physically active all the time. An equally demanding part of my job is mental: I have to follow the players, estimate their moves, and choose my position accordingly. Ledsreact stimulates athletes to respond to visual cues and train their responsiveness and decision-making skills. Sometimes those mental skills are given too little attention, but they’re critical to becoming a better athlete overall.

As of 2022, this Belgian-based training device will be used at the Nike Sports Performance Facility HQ in Portland. There, international athletes can train with the Ledsreact Pro and it will be used during the development of new shoes, for instance. Next to Nike and me, teams such as MLS Philadelphia Union, American football team Miami Dolphins and Ice hockey club Seattle Kraken will use this technology to benefit their workouts.

I believe that Ledsreact can become an important player in the international market. As a sportsman, I can attest to their value and appreciate their drive. That’s why I decided to invest in this promising sports tech company. Our connection recently expanded beyond the scope of business. A few months ago, my sister Valérie started working there to complete their all-athletes team. I wish her all the best and am confident that she will help grow the business.

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