Santiago Bernabéu, we finally meet again

It took a year and a half to return home. Back where it all started for me and reunited with our fans. After 560 days, the wait is finally over. Welcome back to Santiago Bernabéu!

The final score after our game against Celta Vigo was 5-2, but the most important number of the match was the 25,000 fans cheering us on.

Do not underestimate your presence: we want to hear you scream. We want to feel your eyes following our every footstep. We want you to be there right next to us for the full 90 minutes. To have your support through all the highs and lows means a lot to the team. That’s when a stadium becomes a home.

We’re glad we could do the Bernabéu the honour of bringing home its first win, with many more to come. I’d like to dedicate this victory to our past president Lorenzo Sanz and all the former football players who lost their lives last year. We will try to make you proud. First, we face two away games. But in a few weeks, we’ll welcome Mallorca into our midst.

Playing at home, they will have to challenge us on our pitch, in front of our fans. Last season, we experienced it does make a difference to play in a small stadium compared to the Bernabéu. Although the construction work will not be finished anytime soon, I can already see how impressive the final result will be. This is our house. Anyone who enters it will feel its presence.