The title fight that kicked off my career

How I experienced the last seconds in a showdown against Standard, securing KRC Genk's third title win.

Genk, Belgium, May 17th, 2011. Ever since I started playing for Genk at the age of 7, I dreamt of winning the national title.

A few days after my 19th birthday, our young KRC Genk team got a first clear shot at becoming national champions for the third time in history.

It's 1-1 on the scoring board going into the final phase. That means it's do or die time for the team: in order to celebrate, we needed to score a draw or a win.

At that point, I’m well aware that all pressure’s on me. The nerves are running through my body, but I’m more focused than ever to finish this one for the team.

Suddenly, a Standard player shows up on his own. It’s me against him now. Fully concentrated, I push the forceful shot over the bar. With the corners coming up right after, I urge my teammates to pay close attention. With a mindful reflex, I whip up the ball two times just before the goal line.

The next thing I hear is a sound announcing the end of the match, thousands of screaming fans, and an excited team, realising the battle is over. In those magical seconds, you feel unbeatable. For the first time ever, I know what it means to become a national champion.