Thibaut Talks #3 about difficulties and success

Success and loss in football are often very close to each other. In the third episode of Thibaut Talks, I go deeper into the mental aspect of a top athlete.

The adrenaline of playing games on the highest stage is incomparable! I can see how difficult it must be to call quits on your career or even decide when you're ready for that.

Of course, the career of a pro athlete also has its fair share of ups and downs. I applaud the current evolution where we see the human behind the athlete, it's not because we're famous that we're made of stone. We gotta put the mental work in.

I also admire the fans that stick with their team when the results aren't as hoped, we absolutely feel that support. And when we experience something as the PSG win in the Bernabéu together... WOW!

Outside of football, we discuss F1 and try to look forward to the next NBA season.

As always, I answer questions from you, the fans. Like for example: "How tall were you when you were 13 years old?" and "Which career would you have had, if you wouldn't be a professional goal keeper?".

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