Wearing number one for Real Madrid

What better way to start a new season than with a lucky number.

When Real Madrid asked me to play with Numero Uno, I truly felt honored. Wearing the number one is the ultimate reward to celebrate a tough, but successful past season. It motivates me even more to turn that number into greater results.

To most people, it might come as a surprise that for over 11 years, with more than 430 club matches and counting, I never played with number 1 on my back. Only in youth matches and of course with the Belgian Red Devils, but never at club level with KRC Genk, Real Madrid, Atlético or Chelsea. I can only look back to good memories with my previous number 13, but now that Real Madrid offered me the No.1 , I’m excited to pursue new victories wearing this shirt.

Playing as number 1 also has an important symbolic value. Without a doubt, it’s an iconic number for any goalkeeper to wear. Following the footsteps of true icons at Real Madrid like Iker Casillas, Ricardo Zamora, Bodo Illgner and Francisco Buyo, I’m grateful to represent the best club in the world.

It’s no secret that Iker Casillas is my biggest example amongst those legendary goalkeepers. Even though he decided to end his career on the field, he’ll remain my all-time number one;

He wore #1 when Real Madrid won multiple Champions Leagues, when the team brought home another LaLiga title and even when he broke several records in football history.

Like Iker, I hope to experience great moments with this 1 on my back and make the whole Real Madrid family proud...