My new podcast

I’ve created a podcast to be able to talk more to you all, named Thibaut Talks.

In Thibaut Talks, I’ll discuss things that happened during the past month, but I will also include you, the fans, in my conversations. This way I can give you a peek into my day to day, my life at Real Madrid and at home!

This month I talk about what an elite athlete typically does in his spare time, which Real Madrid member jokes around the most or what the reigning topic of conversation in the locker room is.

You can listen or watch on different platforms, let me know what you think in the reactions!

The podcast is available to listen to in Spanish on: IVoox, Spotify, Apple podcasts.

You can also watch the videocast on YouTube, just make sure to turn on the subtitles to get the English translation.


If you want to ask me anything, you can do so in the following link!