El Clásico, an iconic LaLiga match

It’s the first El Clásico of the season!

This Sunday is circled on my calendar. Being one of the most followed matches in the world, I’ll explain why the El Clásico is extremely important to the team, our fans and me personally.

It’s exciting when two of the biggest clubs in Spain meet. Whether it’s El Derbi or El Clásico: both are classics you really want to win. For me, El Clásico also goes back to my childhood. As a little boy, I always looked forward to watching the match live on television. The fact that I am now part of this iconic match completes the circle.

Nevertheless, our preparations remain the same as usual. In the end, three points are still at stake. Details might be more important, but you have to be focused on every single match at Real Madrid. I know the players in my locker room are professional enough to prepare for this match like any other. It’s the fans that truly make an El Clásico different.

El Clásico is not only a match between teams; it’s a prestigious match between fans. We’ve won the last three Clásicos in LaLiga, which certainly gives us confidence. But you start from scratch at each El Clásico. You have to be present from the first second. The fact that the first El Clásico of the season is an away game does not pose a greater challenge. Winning an El Clásico away or at home can give a boost for the rest of our LaLiga season. Seeing the joy on our fans’ faces gives every Real Madrid player a great feeling. We love knowing that we’ve made you proud.

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