How I choose to contribute to Kleine Prins vzw

Family and health are two things we should never take for granted.

As a father of two, I realize how lucky I am having two fantastic, healthy children. Unfortunately, not every kid gets to grow up happy & healthy. Each year, there are hundreds of Belgian families where the life of a child gets threatened by some kind of dangerous disease.

A few years ago, I got in touch with a local organization in Belgium called Kleine Prins vzw. They support little princes, princesses and their families in their battle against a life-threatening disease. When Kleine Prins asked me to be their godfather, I didn’t hesitate. Helping kids and their families who need it most is much more valuable than winning any match. It’s a tough war that no child or family should have to fight alone.

Through this site, you and I can soon give those strong kids the support they deserve. That way we can battle life-threatening child diseases all together, finding a cure or easing the pain for the tough little battlers who are fighting every day to spend more time with the people they love.


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