Thibaut Talks #4 about handling important moments

Curious what I was talking to Sevilla's fans about? I'll tell you in the fourth episode of my podcast, Thibaut Talks.

This is without a doubt the most exciting time of the year and I'll share my view on the final development of La Liga and the Champions League.

Of course, Benzema and Modric are often named key players (and I'll talk about how they achieve that status) but we mustn't forget the power of a team!

April was also a fun month for Belgians, as that's the month a lot of classic cyclism competitions are organized. I'm no other and have enjoyed watching them.

And lastly, maybe I answered your question! Want to know the answer to "Have you ever scored a goal" and "Who would win a game of arm wrestling in your team"? Listen until the end!

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